Document Type : Research


Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Political and Social Science, Sriwijaya University


The purpose of this paper is to explain collaborative practices within forest fires prevention and mitigation in Indonesia using a narrative policy framework (NPF). The primary data was collected from 30 the informants related to forest fires mitigation in South Sumatra Province (SSP) using in-depth interviews. The secondary data was from online media that publishes news on forest fires. This study adopts a deductive approach and an interactive model during organizing, processing, analyzing using Atlas.ti 8 for Windows. Based on the NPF approach, this study has found that there are varying views among the policy actors about the character (the villain, the hero, and the victims), the plot, and the solution policy (moral of the story) within the narrative of forest fires in SSP. This study recommends government institutions to increase the quality of taskforce governance so that it can facilitate the learning process, enhance trust, minimize conflict tension, promote participative decision-making between policy actors within forest fire sub-system